25X AUTO TRACKING PTZ Camera Test Dahua SD59225U-HNI

25X AUTO TRACKING PTZ Camera Test Dahua SD59225U-HNI,Dahua SD59225U-HNI is a starlight clever network PTZ video camera, it utilizes smooth actors light weight aluminum real estate durable design, the electronic camera embraces 1/2 .8″ 2Megapixel STARVIS ™ CMOS to provide 1080p complete HD (2MP) resolution pictures, chooses aperture F1 .5 big lens, maximum support 30x optical zoom and also 25x digital zoom. In terms of video camera interface, the cam has rich user interface includes Analog video result, network RJ45 port, 7CH Alarm system Inputs as well as 2CH Alarm System Outcomes, in addition to 1CH Sound I/O. In addition, the cam has SD card user interface to support maximum 128G on-board storage space.


2MP 25x Starlight IR DAHUA PTZ Network Camera
> 1/2 .8″ 2Megapixel STARVIS ™ CMOS
> Powerful 25x optical zoom
> Starlight innovation
> H. 265 Encoding
> Max. 50/60fps@1080P
> Auto-tracking and IVS
> Support PoE+.
> IR distance up to 150m.
> IP66.

Concerning Dahua.
Dahua Innovation business is the No. 2 leading producer in China, the firm concentrates on security cam equipment and make anything from the basic home system to the industrial safety system. Most of Dahua products are at the budget-end of the market, however they take care of to maintain sufficient top quality in their products to be able to compete with some other worldwide brand names.

SD59225U-HNI Specific Frying Pan & Tilt Cruise Ship.

Frying pan & Tilt as the core elements of network PTZ dome cam, it is also the essential element why PTZ dome cam is made up a lot of the marketplace share in commercial video surveillance applications. As the key part of PTZ dome camera, it presents the innovative modern technology of motor mechanical structure as well as control, it’s the driving power to frying pan & tilt cam. The smooth running of frying pan & tilt rotation depends on whether the complete motor’s efficiency is exceptional. Presently, the widely utilized electric motors consist of 2 types: DC motor as well as Stepper electric motor. All the dome video cameras in this test adopt stepper motors, stepper electric motor functions identify its pulse counting can be driven below the distinct control systems. To revolve the camera from one position to an additional position, at a continuous rate, only requires to calculate the difference of number of steps in between both areas. Due to this turning layout, PTZ camera is suitable for large area video security.
High Clearness in Genuine Surveillance Scene.
In real-time monitoring scene, the modifications of setting may bring some challenges to network speed dome electronic camera. Such as fog, solid light, rain-storm and so on, these 4 PTZ cameras are able to withstand/overcome the extreme conditions to provide high definition video clip.

SD59225U-HNI Privacy Protection 2.0 technology

While monitoring their situation inside the nursing home, Dahua also adopts Privacy Protection 2.0 technology that features masking of human face and body, to protect the residents’ privacy. It involves the restriction of what can be seen in video images and applies equally to live, and recorded images. Digital masking takes place on the front-end device (e.g. network camera).

Dahua’s Privacy Protection 2.0 provides real-time occlusion of the body and face and enables users to access recorded videos, without having to overlay faces with mosaic masks. It also offers additional occlusion options, such as irregular polygons, mosaics and coloured blocks, and allows code exporting based on specified targets, ensuring the privacy of subjects.

SD59225U-HNI Reduced Illumination Efficiency.

Low illumination is among important aspects to judge safety and security cam performance. Put network cams right into dark box, as we manually decrease the illumination to inspect the threshold worth when cams alter image mode from shade to black and white. Amongst them, Dahua and Uniview, as well as Tiandy have better performance, When Dahua network video camera operates in minimum illumination is 0.00 Lux ( genuine Lux is in the range of 0.001 – 0.009 Lux) condition, the camera still can capture clear images, as well as almost no photo sound, its low illumination performance is outstanding.

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